Niche Site Monthly Income Report – March 2013

After missing in action for several months, I finally back and start to review all my comments, traffic and earnings.

So what happened to me? Kidnapped? Hospitalized? Amnesia? Exorcism?

No! No! No!

I’m just an ordinary part-time blogger who try to blog and earn some tiny little income. So, I was missing in action because I have to be super busy with my full-time income, the one that buys me my daily food.

So, let me start to report on my niche site, Cloud Storage Tips on the traffic first.



Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / 

This time around, I got a better traffic than before. This is because my site is already few months old although I don’t do much thing to it, but it deserves some traffic though with some contents.

Here are the statistic I got for March 2013:

  • Unique Visitors: 637 visitors
  • Page Views: 808 page views

Out of those traffic, here is where they are from:

  • Organic: 547 visitors
  • Referral: 6 visitors
  • Direct: 110 visitors



Expenses had already greatly reduced. There are many things that I had already paid for at least a year and what I need to do now is to focus on my earnings.

However, within these 3 months, there are no tweaks or what so ever optimization been done. Everything I got today is what I had done 3 months ago and today is the result. They are not really impressive though but I gotta show the statistic anyway.

Here are the expenses that I had made:

And for the income, here it is:

  • Google Adsense: $2.19
  • Total: $2.19

Overall, the niche site is a losing business in March 2013 with: -$64.81.


Conclusion and Lessons Learned

When I first started the niche site, I am quite frustrated. One of the frustration was I didn’t get any rankings on Google despite trying so hard to build links and etc.

As a result, I stopped zombie on the statistic and after a month or two, I was at first page of Google for an average volume of search.

Cloud Storage Tips does not have a lot of keywords being targeted but at least it manages to rank for one keyword which I had targeted.

The lesson which I learned here in this niche site challenge is SEO do takes time, so be patient. There will be no over-night result and even if they do exists, you will be bounced off pretty quick.

I also nearly gave up on UAW but because I still find its effect, I am keeping the subscription and hope that this time around, I can maximize my investment.

It was still a bad month and I am looking for a recovery back to blogging in probably 3 months down the road?

Should anyone welcome me back to blogging business?

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