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3 MUST have widgets on the sidebar of your WordPress blog

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Most bloggers like to flood the sidebar of their WordPress blog with a lot of widgets. I have to say that putting a lot of things on your sidebar is definitely not a good idea, especially with a lot of advertisements. What I did before to … Continue reading...

5 lessons I learned from my failed niche site

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Finally, I would like to conclude that my dream to build a micro niche site officially failed! It is sad to see myself failing but I have to accept that I was doing poorly on my niche site and it doesn’t seems to be as easy as it seems. Basically, I tried building a niche [...]

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7 valuable lessons learned from 21 domain names purchased

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Throughout my blogging journey, I had purchased 21 domain names and it is still counting till today. For your information, I don’t build a blog around those 21 domains because that will be crazy. Out of those domain names, only 30% of them I have blog/website on top of it. The rest of them are [...]

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Here are 10 quick tips to get started with Genesis Framework

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Back in my second last post, I wrote about the Genesis Framework review and then I continue with a post on how to install WordPress into your web hosting. Although the Genesis Framework is a great Framework, but there are still some small learning curve before you can familiarize it. Since I had already been [...]

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How to install a WordPress blog in just minutes

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Installing a WordPress blog can’t be any easier than what we have today. In this post, I am going to walk you through from the beginning until you had a complete WordPress blog installed. What you need to have in order to complete this tutorial together with me is the Hostgator Web Hosting which you [...]

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Genesis Framework from Studiopress Review


I still remember back when I started blogging, I run my blog on Blogger and then to a web hosting on WordPress. At that time, my blog does not have any earnings and my only solution for WordPress theme is to search for free themes. Life was tough at that time until I earned my [...]

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