Why I use Google Adsense to monetize my niche site

If you had seen my series on building a niche site, you might realize that I use Google Adsense to monetize my niche site. There are lots of complains out there that Adsense is not the best way to monetize a site because:

  • The earning is low.
  • They don’t pay you via Paypal.
  • You easily had your accounts banned.
  • You can earn more via Affiliate Marketing or Direct Advertising.
Image courtesy of jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Well, all the reasons above is true and I support those statements as well. Especially the point where you can earn more via affiliate marketing because I had been through that myself based on my experience.

But then again, don’t just look on the dark side. The reason I choose to use Google Adsense on my niche site is because I look on the bright side and here are my points.

Easy to setup

It is so easy to setup Google Adsense on your site. First, get your Adsense code. You can do it in less than 10 minutes.

Second, place those codes into your site. You can put it on your sidebar if you want to have Adsense ads there.

You can use WhyDoWork Adsense plugin if you want to inject into your blog post anywhere and filter based on post ID.

You can also use the Genesis Simple Hooks if you are using the Genesis Framework to put your Adsense code anywhere on your site.


Easy to maintain

I had just before that  I totally agree that affiliate marketing has a better income than Adsense but that is because the effort that you committed.

In Google Adsense, you all you need to do is to keep producing great contents, build backlinks and stay on top of search engine and you are good to go from here.

Basically, the effort to maintain Google Adsense site is very low. You can even hire writers to do it and all you need to do is some SEO and ads placement for better optimzation.


Lots of advertisers

Google Adwords has plenty of advertisers around the world. Unless you are writing something that is super super niche with low market demand, then you probably could not make it on Adsense.

But then if you are writing some popular topic like earning money on the internet, tech tips, insurance and so on, you will never run out of advertisers.


Pays you on time

The beauty of Google Adsense is that they pay you on time and they pay you regularly. So far, there isn’t a month that Google Adsense failed to release my earnings.

The payment had been consistent and due to the reason that they pay via Western Union as well, I can get my payment instantly as my country has Western Union in place.



I personally think that Google Adsense is a great way of monetizing a site. Affiliate marketing could be better but I am looking for something that is similar to passive income and I think Google Adsense met my requirement.

So back to you now. What are your thoughts on Google Adsense? Are you using them on your site?

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Alan Tay is a Software Engineer who works for a Security Firm in Malaysia. Spend most of my time blogging and get in touch with all the tech stuff. Owner and founder of Blogging Fever


  1. I use “click missile” from “heatmap theme”. By the way, according to my experience place the ads within content will get more clicks. Since last a few Google updates, my traffics drop significantly, but my earning remain (or even slowly increase) because of CTR and CPC increase.
    Tan recently posted..Selecting The Best Household Credit CardMy Profile

  2. Yeah even tough affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income for IMer we should not avoid Adsense. Great Article Alan.
    Amit Shaw recently posted..5 Ways to Test Logo DesignsMy Profile

  3. Hi Alan very nice post! No doubt google adsense is supreme advertising network, but getting banned by google is common now a day,,,

    Thnx for sharing this useful stuff. lot of respect for you,,,,,,……..
    Manoj Rawal
    Manoj Rawal recently posted..5 Ways to Make Your Blog Post More ReadableMy Profile

  4. Great article,Alan ! Google Adsense is a great way of monetizing a site. It’s the most important to build my niche site.And I also agree with your essential tips.Thanks to share it.
    Taswir Haider recently posted..How to Check Whether a Link is Nofollow or DofollowMy Profile

  5. Getting Adsense up and running is by far the easiest thing I’ve done. Especially if you are running your site through WordPress. You don’t even need to code anything. As Alan pointed out, all it takes is less than 30secs to download a plugin that will do all the work for you!
    Pat Drummond recently posted..Free Credit Report Canada: 3 simple ways to get a free report and scoreMy Profile

  6. Well I don`t agree that Adsense pay very low, yes it bans. Depending on niche it differs.
    If you`re using Adsense on blogging niche blog then you will see low, but try it with tech blogs.

    Khaja Moin recently posted..How to Protect Your Online Privacy on GoogleMy Profile

  7. Hmm.. I think Adsense is one of the finest ad network available on internet yet.. Its the ‘king’ of advertisements…
    Mehul recently posted..A Detailed Introduction To Keywords And Their Proper Use…..My Profile

  8. AdSense is so easy to use and does all the hard work for me. On some sites I use Amazon Affiliate links which do pay more but I have to regularly check that the links are still valid etc, whereas AdSense automatically changes ads etc.

    Happy Days.
    Adem recently posted..Public Niche Site Project – Who’s In?My Profile

  9. I use only 300×600 on my sidebar, 300×250 below my post, and 328×300.please give me some suggestions regarding adsense..Should I remove 300×600 banner and change it with 728×90.Thanx in advance

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